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International Gin and Tonic Day

17th October, 2017

19th October is International Gin Day!

If www.drinkdays.com says there is two International Gin & Tonic Days, then thats a holiday we can certainly get on board with!

With over 45 Gins to our name, here at The Nuthatch, well… we won’t lie. We’re a little bit Gin mad.

We think that there is a Gin for everyone, even those who do not like Gin. So we’ve split our menu up into different sections, and recommended the perfect Tonic and Garnish, so that it’s easier for you to find your Ultimate G&T.

Starting with ‘Great Gins.’ In this category you will find your well balanced Gins, if you’re an expert of the fine white spirit itself, this category highlights some of the best around.

Next we move on to ‘Citrus Gins.’ Here you’ll find the likes of Tanqueray No.10, King of Soho and The Botanist. Smooth but strong. Flavourful but balanced. Citrus but traditional. This category will suit almost anyone wanting to steer away from strong Jupiner flavours.

‘Floral Gins’ is where you will find the big names. Hendricks, Sipsmith and Gin Mare all fall in this wonderful category. If you’re looking for an easy drinker with bursts of flavour, look no further.

Beginners, listen up. We’ve reached Sloe Gins. Sloe gin is the perfect introductory level for people who want to like gin but don’t. They’re sweeter, lighter and have an impressive flavour profile at a lower strength ABV. For Chirstmassy feels, try the Elephant Sloe – rich and juicy with cinnamon notes.

We love the North East, so our next category is dedicated to just that. ‘Regional Gins.’ We have delights from The Poetic License Distillery just up the road in Sunderland. A bit further North and you will find The Lickerish Tooth Distillery, you can find a selection of their Gins in this section of our menu.

We’ve reached the final category of our Gin list. ‘Something different’ is where you will find everything from your Rhubarb and Ginger Gin liqueurs, to your Ungava yellow Gin, Seaside Gin made with seaweed and Opihr spiced Gin.

We’re inviting everyone to spend International Gin Day with us, with your Ultimate G&T!


The Nuthatch





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